The very best YouTube options for video hosting and more

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YouTube is a titan of online video, however it’s far from the only video-sharing website online. Lots of YouTube options use much better personal privacy security, less advertisements, or simply a much better algorithm for material discovery.

No matter your factors to change, we have actually investigated and noted the very best YouTube options presently readily available. Keep in mind that we are not consisting of choices that are front-end options revealing YouTube-hosted videos or alt-tech platforms filled with possibly damaging material.

Finest YouTube options


Vimeo Logo

Vimeo is quickly the most identifiable YouTube option out there, with great deals of excellent material and a platform that works well. Find out more about how the 2 accumulate in our YouTube vs Vimeo contrast, however the distinctions are primarily an outcome of how the platforms are generated income from. Whereas YouTube plays advertisements over almost all material (unless you have YouTube Premium), Vimeo does not play any advertisements and rather charges individuals who wish to publish videos.

Yes, you check out that properly: Vimeo charges content developers instead of customers. There is a totally free strategy to check the waters, however any major developers will require to pay. Developers can then pick to include a pay-per-view cost to their videos, however the majority of do not. The outcome of this policy is that the platform is filled with exceptionally top quality material, frequently from knowledgeable filmmakers. That stated, you will not discover lots of ridiculous feline montages or response videos.


DailyMotion logo

DailyMotion has actually been around for nearly as long as YouTube, however rapidly dropped the ranks as the Google-backed platform skyrocketed greater and greater. Still, it’s a strong YouTube option, although it does not do all that much to distinguish itself. It’s still an ad-supported video hosting platform, with countless videos from both brand names and private developers.

The greatest distinction is that DailyMotion switched off remarks and see counts totally a couple of years back. This provides it a far more structured search both the web and mobile app. It’s likewise a main partner of Xiaomi, with premium DailyMotion videos appearing in the Mi Video app, which is preinstalled on all Xiaomi phones

Facebook Watch

A photograph of Youtube alternative Facebook's Watch tab

Videos have actually belonged of Facebook for many years, however you may not understand that there’s a video-centric part of the platform called Facebook Watch. In lots of methods, it’s extremely comparable to YouTube, with complimentary, ad-supported material. It likewise integrates short-form Reels material, along with live streams of sports, video games, and more. There are some network tv programs, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, readily available to stream totally free, too. It utilized to release a little offering of initial material, also, however that department was shuttered in April 2023.

Although it’s house to countless videos, Facebook Watch is a bit harder to browse than YouTube due to its tight combination with Facebook. You’re far more most likely to discover a video in your Facebook feed than you are to discover it on Facebook Watch itself. In some methods, it looks like Facebook Watch can’t choose whether it wishes to be an option to YouTube, a brand-new streaming platform like Apple television Plus, or a supplement to among the biggest social networks networks on the planet, Facebook.


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TikTok is more of an option for YouTube Shorts, however it is among the couple of platforms that can take on YouTube on the material front. There are countless videos and countless extremely specific niche neighborhoods to check out, and the app’s algorithm does an excellent task supplying a stable stream of interesting material. There are still advertisements, however they’re a lot easier to avoid than advertisements on YouTube.

Given, the app has actually been under fire by regulators in the United States and might deal with a restriction in the future. It likewise has a spotted history with personal privacy (not that Google and YouTube aren’t making money from your information, too), so it may not be the very best option for information security supporters.


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If you’re more of a fan of YouTube live streams, Twitch is the leading option. Although the Amazon-owned business is best understood for computer game streaming, there are now areas for whatever from do it yourself streams to tabletop real play streams to individuals simply hanging out and talking.

Seeing streams is complimentary with advertisements, however you can subscribe or contribute to your preferred banners to get rid of advertisements and assist support them. Previous streams can likewise be seen as needed, although some developers will lock this behind a membership. The majority of significant banners likewise publish material to YouTube, although they’ll generally just stream survive on among the 2 platforms.


Peertube logo

Fancy producing your own YouTube? Peertube can assist. It’s an open-source, federated video hosting service that offers a decentralized option to YouTube, Vimeo, and others. This indicates it utilizes peer-to-peer innovation to enhance efficiency and decrease tension on a single server.

Putting aside the cool tech things, Peertube isn’t the simplest to enter. There are approximately 1000 platforms utilizing the service with 600,000 videos on existing servers, however getting whatever established is a great deal of work for the majority of people. This is one for more devoted tech folks.

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