Xbox Commemorates Earth Day with a Sustainability Update, Scandal Sheet Products, and Occasions


  • In an effort to minimize waste, we have actually been presenting more retrieved plastics to our portfolio, and most just recently introduced the Xbox Wireless Controller– Remix Scandal Sheet made partially from recovered CDs, water containers, and other controllers’ parts.
  • With brand-new functions and settings being contributed to your console, we are discovering methods to minimize the carbon footprint of our organization and our gamers.
  • Check out scandal sheet Earth Day occasions and items.

Simply days ahead of Earth Day, we wished to take a minute to review a few of the work that we are doing to secure our world and share chances for our neighborhood to commemorate together with us.

At Microsoft, we have actually set the dedications to run as a carbon unfavorable, water favorable and absolutely no waste business by 2030. Microsoft aims to empower the world to do more, and driving favorable, transformational modification needs believing beyond standard limits. Video gaming offers an unbelievable platform to drive cultural modification on an international scale and motivate gamers to check out, experiment, and get in touch with the world and with each other in brand-new methods. Sustainability is a group sport– and we are delighted to see how far we can go when everybody plays together.

An Update on our Sustainability Efforts

In 2015, we shared an upgrade on our sustainability efforts Here is what we have actually depended on considering that:

Minimizing Waste:

The Xbox Wireless Controller– Remix Scandal Sheet takes us one action even more in our journey towards our zero-waste dedication, including retrieved plastics with one-third of it made from regrind and recovered products. By including regrind products, post-consumer recycled resins, and consisting of the Xbox Rechargeable Battery Load– Xbox is checking out methods to utilize less brand-new plastic and minimize waste. Have a look at the unboxing video listed below for more information!

More things we are doing to minimize the waste we develop and utilize as a company, and assist Microsoft attain our objective of running as a zero-waste organization by 2030:

  • We are progressively discovering brand-new chances to integrate retrieved plastics into our controllers. We began with the Daystrike Camouflage and the Electric Volt controller and have actually been transitioning a few of the controllers currently in the market to include more Post-Consumer Recycled resins (PCR), including our Shock Blue and Pulse Red controllers. Check out the Xbox Sustainability Center to see a collection of controllers which contain 20% or more PCR material.
  • Xbox Style Laboratory, our controller modification platform, introduced with 15 brand-new colors which contain Post-Consumer Recycled plastic. Ever since, we have actually transitioned the majority of the color alternatives provided on the platform to include PCR.
  • In the Nordic area (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), we partnered with retail partner Elkjøp to release the Urban Miner project, where we welcomed all Nordic families to gather old electronic devices in their families and return them to an Elkjøp shop for recycling. In return, the customers got Minecoins for usage on the Minecraft Market. The project led to more than 11,000 products returned, representing around 17 lots of electronic waste.
  • Microsoft has actually removed the use of polystyrene on brand-new point-of-sale activation (POSA) cards (like present cards) transitioning to paperboard throughout our partners. We have actually likewise altered the plastic bags in which we utilized to bundle our POSA cards to paper bands in the majority of our markets, which we anticipate will prevent the equivalent of over 2 million plastic bags over the next 2 .

Carbon Decrease:

At Video Game Designer Conference (GDC) this year, we revealed that Xbox is the very first console to launch devoted energy and carbon emissions measurement tools developed for (and with) video game developers. Utilizing these tools, studios and video game designers have actually discovered chances through video game style to reduce their carbon emissions without affecting the gamer experience. To find out more about the Xbox sustainability toolkit, view the video listed below!

At Xbox, we hold ourselves liable to the emissions developed by our items in our gamers’ houses– here are some extra things we are doing to minimize those emissions.

  • In January, we revealed that Xbox is the very first Carbon Aware console. When your console is plugged in, linked to the Web and local carbon strength information is readily available, Xbox will arrange video game, app, and OS updates for your console at particular times throughout the nighttime upkeep window that might lead to lower carbon emissions due to the fact that a greater percentage of electrical power is originating from lower-carbon sources on the electrical grid.
  • At the exact same time, we started try out immediately upgrading consoles to the Shutdown (energy conserving) power mode and are bringing these updates to more consoles throughout the year.
  • We likewise supplied the “Active Hours” alternative for those that wish to utilize the more energy extensive Sleep power alternative. This enables gamers to pick the hours that they wish to utilize Sleep mode functions like remote wake. The console will totally shutdown beyond those hours (consuming to 20x less power when switched off vs. Sleep). Gamers can pick for their console to immediately arrange their active hours, to set up a manual schedule, or to keep their console constantly active.

Collective Action:

We are constantly trying to find chances to partner with gamers, market partners and external companies to make video gaming a much better market for the environment. To find out more about these collaborations, view the video listed below:

  • Minecraft Education and BBC Earth collaborated to develop an interesting Frozen World II experience, with 5 Minecraft worlds motivated by the renowned series Minecraft gamers can play as 8 various animals, experiencing Earth’s cold environments and discovering the effects of environment modification Trainees in more than 110 nations have actually played the Frozen World II Minecraft worlds, and the maps have actually been downloaded by countless gamers and are readily available in 29 languages, accompanied by academic resources for instructors and households.
  • Schools Transforming Cities has actually been established by Minecraft Education and C40 Cities to offer trainees worldwide the chance to create environment services for their city and provide their concepts to city leaders. In city-wide obstacles, trainees learn more about environment action in cities. They then construct their environment services in Minecraft Education, a game-based knowing platform utilized by countless instructors and trainees that motivates innovative, inclusive knowing through play.
  • In 2015, Xbox had the chance to inform a wide variety of audiences through finding out occasions like the United Country’s 50th anniversary congress on sustainability, and straight to valued partners in custom workshop occasions with external market gamers.
  • In May of 2022, for the first-ever time, we welcomed the general public to experience a choice of the talks from Xfest 2022, among which is ‘ A Much Deeper Take A Look At Video Gaming Sustainability and How Everybody Can Play Their Part‘. This checks out how video game publishers can make an effect by incorporating ecological styles in video games, minimizing emissions, and supporting the worldwide ecological program in partnership with Xbox.
  • Xbox has actually continued our work as an establishing member of the Betting the World alliance. Betting the World just recently launched the 2022 Yearly Effect Repor t which exposes strong development on decarbonization efforts throughout the market.


Find Out About Ocean Preservation on Twitch this Earth Day with Xbox Plays and the Seattle Fish Tank

Earth Day Image

Please sign up with Group Xbox on our Twitch livestream channel on April 22nd at 8:00 am Pacific Time as the group shares a behind the scenes trip of the Seattle Fish tank, a preservation company working to regrow the health of our one ocean. You’ll satisfy unique visitors like Barney the harbor seal, get a within take a look at the Fish tank’s work to conserve threatened types, and see a presentation of a from another location run car guided by means of Xbox controller that is being utilized to look into the depths of Puget Noise. Marine conservationists and professionals will join us live to address your concerns about the types you’ll discover in the Noise and beyond, in addition to the actions you can require to assist secure our world’s one ocean.

New Xbox Equipment items includes recycled material too, have a look at the most recent collection including colors and topographical lines pulled directly from the Xbox Wireless Controller– Remix Scandal Sheet

Earth Day Image

Have a look at the most recent Xbox Equipment including colors and topographical lines pulled directly from the Xbox Wireless Controller– Remix Scandal Sheet This collection includes a choice of premium, ECOLIFE cotton garments. The garments are made from 50% recycled yarn and 50% BCI ( Better Cotton Effort— the world’s leading sustainability effort for cotton). The raw products are cut & & stitched in Los Angeles, garment colored to match the scandal sheet Xbox controllers, printed with environmentally friendly inks and packaged with naturally degradable poly bags. These ECOLIFE cotton garments are readily available as a tee shirt, pullover hoodie and sweat shorts.

Video Gaming and Effect with Microsoft Benefits: World Wildlife Fund,, and The Nature Conservancy

Microsoft Benefits members in the United States can make and contribute indicate support choose ecological companies with Xbox. The listed below companies will be included on console throughout April:

  • The Nature Conservancy — The Nature Conservancy is an international ecological not-for-profit working to develop a world where individuals and nature can grow. Their objective is to save the lands and waters on which all life depends.
    • Furthermore, for each 2 dollars that Microsoft Benefits contributes in April, The Nature Conservancy will plant a tree as part of their Plant A Billion Trees program Discover More about this program here and plant your tree today!
  • — Every living thing needs water to endure and grow. Yet 771 million individuals worldwide do not have access to safe water. is working to alter this by empowering individuals residing in hardship with enduring safe water services for their houses. is committed to increasing access to this important resource that matters to our world and everybody that survives on it.
  • World Wildlife Fund — As the world’s leading preservation company, WWF operates in almost 100 nations. At every level, they team up with individuals worldwide to establish and provide ingenious services that secure neighborhoods, wildlife, and the locations in which they live. Their objective is to save nature and minimize the most important dangers to the variety of life in the world.

Xbox gamers can make Microsoft Benefits points in numerous methods, such as playing or acquiring video games after downloading the Microsoft Benefits app on Xbox. Make points and redeem them genuine benefits. Join us today and contribute through Xbox

To find out more about our ongoing Sustainability Efforts at Xbox, check out the Xbox Sustainability Center.

To check out more methods Microsoft is commemorating Earth Day, check out EarthDay

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