ADU 01298: How crucial is the guideline of Dew Point/Temperature within 5 degrees?

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Today’s program has to do with comprehending the Dew Point/Temperature variety when carrying out flights in winter and the ramifications of flying when the 2 metrics are within a 5 degree variety.

Our concern for today is from Grant who wishes to how about performing flights in the winter particularly when the temperature level and humidity temperature level are within a 5 degree variety and what this indicates to carrying out a drone flight.

Thank you for the concern, Grant. We address Grant’s concern by talking about the value of humidity in weather condition and what this indicates to the weather. We then look into what might occur to your drone when you prepare flights throughout such conditions. We likewise quickly discuss the value of self heating batteries, talk about the drones that have self heating batteries and why self heating batteries are ending up being popular today.

Grant is flying an Autel and we talk about issues that drones like Autel are more than likely to deal with throughout winter flights. Finally we discuss the 3.6 v guideline for batteries and the value of pilots comprehending their drone battery health throughout flights to carry out safe drone operations.

Tune In to this podcast if you are wanting to find out more about winter ramifications on your drone flight and discover methods to reduce the danger of flying in winter.

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[01:52] Today’s concern on winter season flying, humidity and preventative measures for flights
[04:51] Are splash drones and self heating batteries an alternative for winter season flights specifically for ice fishing?
[05:50] When you should not fly– Humidity vs Temperature level variety and flights throughout the cold
[08:15] Comprehending the temperature level variety and what it indicates for your flight
[10:13] Are self heating batteries vital and which drones have them?
[12:02] What other problems can drones like the Autel face throughout winter flights?
[12:42] Practical actions for a pilot to reduce drone battery heating problems
[13:23] Why 3.6 V guideline is important for comprehending your drone battery health and for carrying out safe flights

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