ADU 01241: Do I really need to use sophisticated GCP’s

Today’s show is all about understanding the use and importance of sophisticated GCPs and their importance in ensuring quality deliverables.

Our question for today, from DeWayne, is about using sophisticated GCPs. DeWayne is observing his co-workers and team rely more on naturally occurring markers to make do with their mapping missions. He would like to know if they are indeed effective and if pilots can get away using naturally occurring markers or stand-in markers such as paints and pinstripes

A very valid question and we answer the question by first addressing the need for conducting effective geo-referencing in mapping projects. We then dig deep into the use of sophisticated GCPs and the rules that pilots need to consider while carrying out missions.

We then list out all the possible errors that can occur in georeferencing due to poor selection of GCPs and how it can impact final deliverables and follow it up by looking into effective ways to deploy GCPs and when pilots can actually use naturally occurring markers.

If you would like to better your deliverables by effective use of GCPs, do not miss this latest show of Ask Drone U.

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[01:56] Learn all about Drone U’s in-person mapping bootcamps and things you can learn from the bootcamp
[03:44] Todays question on ground targets and are natural occurring targets and targets such as pinstripes and paint blocks effective groundtargets
[06:28] Why effective georeferencing is important for mapping
[07:03] The ideal rules for ground control points that pilots need to follow
[09:04] Errors that can creep into georeferencing due to poor selection of GCPs
[12:10] Effective ways to deploy GCP in drone missions

[13:57] Naturally occurring markers and the errors that they bring in models

[15:01] When can pilots use naturally occurring markers

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