ACT Broadband Says Get Rs 250 Off on 100 Mbps Plans and Above

ACT Broadband

ACT Fibernet, a popular internet service provider (ISP) in India, offering services in several cities, has said that customers would be eligible to get Rs 250 off on the 100 Mbps plans and above. Note that this particular offer is for Hyderabad customers. The company has kept the discount offer slightly different in each of the cities it is offering services in. For example, in Bengaluru, the offer is that if you get 150 Mbps plans or plans with higher speeds than that, you would be eligible to get Rs 200 off on that. Also, the company has said that this offer is not applicable to customers who are going for monthly plans. Note that the offer is available for customers till December 31, 2022.

ACT Broadband offers several plans to customers in different cities, all at different prices and with different benefits. There are no uniform offers provided by the company. ACT Broadband has many long-term offers for customers. Users can get up to 24 months of service from the company. However, the plans offered by ACT aren’t the most affordable, and they don’t pack OTT (over-the-top) benefits the way fiber broadband plans of Jio and Airtel do.

However, you can get a discount of Rs 250 from the company if you are purchasing a plan for the long term, and it is of 100 Mbps and more in Hyderabad. As mentioned above, users won’t be able to get the same offers in every city. ACT has different offers for customers in different cities. To know the kind of discounts and offers that the company provides in your city, just go to the official website of ACT. You can also go for plans that offer speeds less than 100 Mbps, as they are more affordable and might suit your needs just fine. ACT offers unlimited data with all of its plans which come with a FUP (fair usage policy) limit of 3.3TB.

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