Ericsson Ramps up Production in India to aid 5G Rollout, will Create 2000 Jobs in Pune


Ericsson, a major telecom gear vendor, has announced that it will be ramping up local production in India in a phased manner. The move will create more jobs for Indians. Ericsson will move up its production capacity in its Pune facility with its partner Jabil. Both companies have been manufacturing 4G and 5G radios in India for several years now. Ericsson was also the first telecom vendor to set up manufacturing in India in 1994. The company said that around 2000 new jobs would be created in its Pune facility because of the increase in production capacity.

Ericsson to Set Up a New Technology Center in India

Ericsson will also be setting up a new technology center in India to increase the speed and flexibility in bringing new products to the market. The technology center would focus on new product introduction and product engineering to secure high-quality standards, testing/integration, and supply preparations on early-phase products.

Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Market Area Southeast Asia, Oceania and India, Ericsson, says: “As 5G gets introduced in India, we are ramping up production of our 5G telecom equipment in Pune in a phased manner, to support the network deployments of Indian telecom service providers. The production in India is part of our global production footprint with a presence across continents. This footprint has enabled us to secure a global, flexible, and resilient supply chain to respond quickly to market and customer needs, whereby India also benefits.”

The vendor has already bagged contracts from Jio and Airtel to help them in deploying 5G in India. Ericsson would most likely be getting a commercial order from Vodafone Idea as well, in case the telco is able to launch 5G anytime soon. In its Pune facility, Ericsson will produce the radios AIR 3219 and AIR 3268. These radios will be able to support the 5G deployments in India.

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