ADU 01208: How to Record Sensational Video While Flying Drone Over Water

Today’s program is all catching videos while flying over water that casts a spell on your audience and the settings needed to fly your drone securely over water.

Our caller for today, Derek would like to understand everything about flying over water so that he can pursue wakeboard browsing videography And with his years of experience in shooting water sports, who much better than Paul to address this concern.

Subjects talked about on today’s program consist of the very best drones for flying over water, advised cam lenses, and various flight modes. Do not miss this one. Take pleasure in!

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  • [0:58] Having a hard time to discover success in the drone market? Have a look at our Props Pilot training program now
  • [02:09] Today’s concern has to do with flying your drone over water
  • [03:39] Considering of package and an amusing flying mishap
  • [04:12] How can a pilot and wakeboard internet user operate in positioning
  • [06:02] Downside of flying in in-flight modes, and why you require to find out to fly in mindset mode
  • [06:30] How can Drone U assist you master flight over water?
  • [09:33] How the cam lens on your drone can affect the drone’s point of view and its flight
  • [11:18] Paul’s go-to drone for shooting wakeboard web surfers
  • [15:38] The requirement for handling one’s feeling while flying over water

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