On the roadway to 2030: Our 2022 Ecological Sustainability Report

Today, Microsoft released the 2022 Environmental Sustainability Report. 2022 was a year of development, collaboration, and development versus our dedications, all while assisting our clients, partners, and the world approach a more sustainable future. You can check out the foreword listed below and the check out the report in its whole here.

Making it possible for sustainability for our business, our clients, and the world

2022 marked the 6th warmest year in history. Severe weather condition triggered terrible dry spells, wildfires, scarcity, floods, and heat waves with worrying frequency. We felt the results of environment modification like never ever in the past, and as the world warms, we’ll continue to see and feel the unfavorable influence on environments and neighborhoods all over the world. The most current report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Environment Modification (IPCC) highlights the seriousness of the environment crisis, and the immediate requirement for worldwide cumulative action. Significant environment action needs a long-lasting dedication from both federal government and service, with the economic sector playing a progressively crucial function in the shift from promises to advance. As we review the severity of the environment crisis, we have actually broadened our aspiration to satisfy this immediate environment requirement by buying a broad variety of efforts, innovations and techniques that support a net no future.

Microsoft’s technique to dealing with the environment crisis begins with the sustainability of our own service. In 2020, we made a strong set of dedications: to be a carbon unfavorable, water favorable, no waste business that secures environments– all by 2030. 3 years into this journey, we stay unfaltering in our dedication. 2022 was a tip that to reduce the most extreme effects of environment modification, our dedications require to extend beyond our 4 walls, and we should continue to speed up financial investments that will allow development for years to come.

In 2022, we introduced Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, an extensive suite of enterprise-grade sustainability management tools. We likewise assisted to advance a set of worldwide sustainability efforts that intend to benefit everyone and company in the world. These consist of speeding up the schedule of brand-new environment innovations through our Environment Development Fund, enhancing our environment policy program, assisting to establish a more trustworthy and interoperable carbon accounting system, promoting for skilling programs to broaden the green labor force, and working to allow a simply shift for the susceptible populations of the worldwide south.

Our company believe that Microsoft has a crucial function to play in establishing and advancing brand-new environment services, however likewise acknowledge that the environment crisis can’t be fixed by any single business, company, or federal government. The worldwide neighborhood requires collaborations, brand-new developments, policies, and worldwide dedication to guarantee a healthy future for all.

Getting our own home in order

Microsoft’s own sustainability is our very first sphere of impact, and we stay concentrated on getting our own home in order and providing on our 2030 dedications. We made enthusiastic dedications in 2020 and we understood that development would not constantly be direct. These dedications are rooted in science and take the required actions to safeguard our environments and avoid the most extreme effects of environment modification. We are securely concentrated on accomplishing our 2030 dedications and making the ideal long-lasting financial investments that support the sustainability of our service for years to come. In addition to our long-lasting focus, it is necessary to stop briefly and assess our development in 2022.

In 2022, our service grew by 18% and our general emissions decreased by 0.5%. This in part is an outcome of a decrease in our direct functional (Scope 1 and 2) emissions by 22.7%. At Microsoft, Scope 1 and 2 emissions represent less than 4% of overall emissions, while indirect emissions, or Scope 3, represent more than 96%. Our Scope 3 reported emissions increased a little in 2022, by 0.5%, in spite of a 25% boost in acquired products and services due to service development. The more favorable results in 2022 are the outcome of enhancements in our operations, real-time gadget telemetry-based measurement, renewable resource financial investments, sustainable air travel fuel (SAF) purchases, and procurement of unbundled renewable resource certificates (RECs).

While we continue to work to minimize our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to near no, Scope 3 is the supreme decarbonization difficulty. It requires the coevolution of finest practices for service, innovation, and policy amongst countless worldwide stakeholders. When we made our carbon unfavorable dedication in 2020 it wasn’t simply an obstacle to support the sustainability of our service, it was likewise an invite to the world to take part in this journey, equating resourcefulness into action, and action into effect. In addition to our carbon unfavorable dedication, we have actually likewise made motivating development towards our 2030 dedications in water, waste, and environments:

Water favorable

We contracted for replenishment tasks that are approximated to supply more than 15.6 million m 3 in volumetric water advantages, increasing our running overall of replenishment tasks to 35 million m 3 In addition, we supplied more than 850,000 individuals with access to tidy water and sanitation services, consisting of 163,000 in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Mexico.

No waste

We increased our reuse and recycle rates of all cloud hardware to 82% and continue to rate towards our 2030 reuse and recycle objective of 90%. We likewise lowered single-use plastics throughout all Microsoft product packaging to 3.3% and are on track to remove their usage by 2025. In overall, we have actually diverted 12,159 metric lots of strong waste from land fills.

Environment security

We continue to keep our dedication to safeguard more land than we utilize. In 2022, 12,000 of the over 17,000 acres of contracted land were formally designated as secured. The quantity of land secured in 2022 surpasses the roughly 11,200 acres of land we presently utilize.

Enhancing our effect and assisting our clients attain more

Our 2nd sphere of impact is client sustainability. As an innovation business, we have a function to have fun with the countless business clients who put their rely on Microsoft innovation. Most of our clients have actually currently made an environment promise and Microsoft is working to assist them move from promises to advance.

While Microsoft’s emissions footprint is a small portion of worldwide emissions, we likewise have a function to play in helping in reducing or get rid of the other 99.97% of worldwide emissions. It is necessary that our technique to sustainability extends beyond our own 4 walls and supports the sustainability requirements of our clients.

Business can just handle what they can determine, and Microsoft is dedicated to assisting our clients determine their ecological effect in a prompt and precise way. In June 2022, we introduced Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, an extensive ecological sustainability management platform that consists of Microsoft Sustainability Supervisor. These brand-new digital tools can interoperate with essentially any service system and merge information intelligence for companies at any phase of their sustainability journey. Sustainability Supervisor allows companies to record, report, and minimize their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

Azure clients likewise gained from substantial upgrades to the Emissions Effect Control Panel (EID), which assists clients to comprehend the emissions effect that arises from their usage of the Microsoft Cloud. The EID approximates Microsoft’s direct and indirect emissions connected to a client’s cloud use, along with the emissions clients have actually prevented by running work in the cloud instead of on-premises.

In 2022, we likewise launched a sneak peek variation of the Microsoft Planetary Computer system to allow clients to determine, keep track of, and consequently to handle environments that might be impacted by their operations, and to make crucial choices connected to environment danger. The Planetary Computer system makes use of more than 60 petabytes of open-source geospatial information. This information, when integrated with the analytic abilities of our AI for Great Laboratory, provides a brand-new level of planetary insights to corporations and federal governments all over the world.

Making it possible for and supporting a more sustainable world

Lastly, our 3rd sphere of impact is to effect worldwide sustainability. Simply as the reach of Microsoft innovation reaches practically every nation on the planet, so ought to the effect of our sustainability programs.

In November 2022, the world’s environment leaders assembled for COP27. There was very important discussions at COP27 concentrated on the irregular effects of environment modification and how the least industrialized nations on the planet are disproportionately impacted. For instance, the countries of Africa together represent less than 5% of worldwide emissions however have actually experienced even more than their share of the unfavorable effects of environment modification. At Microsoft, we are concentrated on environment policies and programs that will have a favorable effect on all 8 billion occupants of world Earth.


Microsoft is deeply dedicated to utilizing our voice to affect sustainability policies all over the world. We support public law efforts to speed up carbon reporting, decrease and elimination, the shift to tidy energy, water gain access to and tension decrease, and the capability to determine, handle, and safeguard environments. In 2022, we even more dedicated to forming public law by launching policy briefs on carbon and electrical energy.

Carbon measurement and the Carbon Call

In February 2022, Microsoft, ClimateWorks Structure, and over 20 leading companies introduced a crucial brand-new effort called the Carbon Call. The goal of this program is to merge the world around a carbon accounting system that is more trustworthy and interoperable. ClimateWorks Structure is constructing this program to an international scale. The Carbon Call now has more than 80 signatories, and launched its preliminary roadmap at COP27.

Environment Development Fund

Our company believe that development is a vital element to resolving the environment crisis, which the financial investment of capital plays a crucial function in speeding up the schedule of brand-new services. Microsoft is buying speeding up environment development through our $1 billion Environment Development Fund (CIF). We buy ingenious innovations and service designs that have the capacity for significant, quantifiable environment effect by 2030. Because the starting of the CIF in 2020, Microsoft has actually designated more than $600 million into an international portfolio of more than 50 financial investments, consisting of sustainable services in energy, commercial, and natural systems.

Africa information laboratory

In November, we revealed a growth of our AI for Great Laboratory into Egypt and Kenya, constructing a brand-new group of information researchers on the ground in Africa that will work to enhance environment durability. The work of these information laboratories will be notified by a brand-new Africa AI Development Council consisted of agents from leading African companies.

Sustainability abilities

Providing on the aspiration of the Paris Contract will need an international effort concentrated on the expansion of sustainability abilities throughout the labor market. In November 2022, Microsoft and BCG launched a brand-new report, Closing the Sustainability Abilities Space: Assisting Organizations Move from Promises to Development. This report enhances the requirement for companies and federal governments to buy upskilling the present labor force through finding out efforts concentrated on sustainability understanding and abilities, to prepare the next generation for sustainability tasks of the future. Microsoft is dealing with partners to establish and share brand-new sustainability finding out products to speed up the advancement of the sustainability labor force of the future.

A years of development and definitive action

As we look towards 2030– and beyond– we stay positive about our cumulative capability to decarbonize the worldwide economy while continuing to grow and flourish as an international neighborhood. We will continue buying 3 crucial locations that will allow the scale of sustainability services required to resolve the environment crisis:

  1. Advancing AI services for higher environment effect
  2. Speeding up the advancement of sustainability markets through financial investment
  3. Producing tools that advance emissions measurement and compliance

This will be a years of development and definitive action, from broadening making use of AI to resolve sustainability to creating brand-new public and economic sector collaborations. To move from promises to advance, we can not be prevented by near-term difficulties, and should stay concentrated on establishing ingenious brand-new services and, in a lot of cases, accelerating our actions. At Microsoft, we’re deeply dedicated to sustainability as a business, as an innovation supplier, and as residents of world Earth.

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