18 Many Lovely Mediterranean Islands to Go To in 2023 

Mediterranean islands have that unique appeal. With beautiful beaches, abundant history, and a lot of beach bars– what more could you desire from a vacation? You have actually currently picked sensibly by narrowing your search to an island in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean area is sensational and jam-packed with tasty food and destinations going back to the ancient world. Nevertheless, these are the islands that you will wish to put at the top of your list.

Leading Mediterranean Islands

Top Mediterranean Islands

In this guide, we have actually selected our supreme suggestions for the very best Mediterranean islands to go to. Here are this year’s leading island travel locations, with islands including white sand beaches, Roman ruins, and even an active volcano or 2.

1. Mallorca, Spain

Best Mediterranean Islands Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is the biggest Balearic island. And besides this size title, it’s quickly among the most popular islands in the Mediterranean for travelers. Mallorca made its method onto our list for its golden beaches and friendly ambiance. You might drive around the island’s area in 5 to 6 hours.

The island has pine forests and gorgeous architecture like Santa Maria Cathedral. In spite of having a night life hotspot in the island’s capital, Palma, the island is family-friendly. Mallorca is likewise dazzling on a spending plan, with a lot of affordable airline companies running routine flights from significant European cities.

Things To Do In Mallorca

  • Capture the vintage train from Palma to Soller

A lovely cable car flight is an ultimate method to take a trip in Mallorca. This vintage train ranges from Palma to Soller, passing orange groves and pine forests. Schedule your tickets here.

  • Walking Ruta de Pedra en Sec

Ruta de Pedra en Sec is a sensational patched mountain path that hugs the side of cliff deals with and remarkable canyons. While 170km long, you can quickly select a smaller sized area for a less enthusiastic walking.

2. Santorini, Greece

Best Mediterranean Islands Santorini Greece

Santorini is a Greek paradise, and everybody understands it. Aside from blue-domed churches and brilliant white structures, Santorini has actually established a credibility as amongst the Greek islands’ most glamorous. It is quickly among the most popular of the Mediterranean islands. In between its luxe environment, things to do, and renowned status, we simply needed to consist of Santorini on our list.

Santorini itself was formed by a volcanic eruption. The eruption happened countless years back yet set out Santorini’s unique geographical design for centuries. The craggy stays of the volcanic rock cut a plain contrast to Santorini’s shiny white structures.

Things To Do In Santorini

Red Beach is a should and (as you might have thought) is a trademarked charred red color. It is perfect for a beach day with a distinction.

3 Bells of Fira is a leading option among the blue-domed churches of Santorini. The Catholic Church is set above the ocean on a picturesque clifftop.

Find Out More About Preparation a journey to Santorini:

3. Menorca, Spain

Best Mediterranean Islands Menorca Spain

Menorca is the 2nd biggest Balearic island. The Spanish island is more lowkey than Mallorca or Ibiza. It does not have the hardcore partying and resorts– rather popular for sandy beaches and a little bit of solitude. While still on all the significant flight paths, it provides a more relaxing experience. This quality truly stood apart to us, and it needed to go onto our list.

Menorca is most likely 50% sandy beaches and 50% pine forests. However the capital Mahon has some cultural aspects too. We recommend leasing a cars and truck and beach hopping, then venturing into Mahon for food and culture.

Things To Do In Menorca

Cala Algaiarens is a large sandy beach protected by cliffs and with calm waters perfect for swimming. There’s likewise a treking path close by for the daring.

  • Parc Natural de s’ Albufera des Grau

This nature reserve is perfectly checked out by kayak or by snorkeling The marshlands are a sanctuary and serene for wildlife seeing.

4. Corfu, Greece

Best Mediterranean Islands Corfu Greece

Corfu is a substantial island in the Mediterranean. The Greek island is off the west coast of the gorgeous mainland. Both cruise lines and airline companies flock to Corfu– it’s a popular area among all. Hectic and unapologetically a channel for passing travelers, Corfu has a consistent motion of individuals. A simple repair to that, however, is going to in shoulder seasons. In shoulder seasons, markets and destinations are much quieter, and the spring or fall salted breeze keeps you cooler anyhow.

Corfu Town is the main center of the island. Nevertheless, resorts stud the whole area of the island, and great sand beaches are all over. Lease a cars and truck and select your perfect area of the shoreline.

Things To Do In Corfu

This ancient fort is traditionally remarkable and likewise best for panoramas. Have a look at the shown artifacts and permit a couple of hours to check out the premises.

A remote beach in a rocky area surrounded by lavish plant and forests– Porto Timoni Beach promotes itself. It’s a daring beach day location.

5. Sicily, Italy

Best Mediterranean Islands Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the biggest of all islands in the Mediterranean. The Italian island sits off the west coast of the mainland and screams natural charm. It is likewise a living and breathing museum, with Roman and Greek ruins all over. Plus, there’s the adventure of Mount Etna, among the most active volcanoes in Europe, on the island’s east coast. Sicily is gorgeous and amazing. It’s a winning mix if we ever did see one.

Things To Do in Sicily

This stunning historic landmark is a large historical site covered in ancient temples and an interesting museum.

  • Take the cable television cars and truck up Mount Etna

Taking a cable television cars and truck approximately Mount Etna is among the most amazing things to do in Sicily. You get dropped at a last area of the treking path and emerge at the volcano’s crater. There are likewise a variety of jeep trips if you desire a more distinct path up.

6. Capri, Italy

Best Mediterranean Islands Capri italy

Capri is a stunning island in Italy’s Bay of Naples, popular among high-end applicants. It is tough not to like its special and attractive appeal– whether you are on a high-end spending plan or not. The island has sensational beaches and a world-famous Blue Grotto, which can be checked out by boat. Its appeal, things to do, and beaches are what won us over.

Things To Do in Capri

The Blue Grotto is a huge blue lagoon in a collection of sea caverns. The light shows, making the seawater ultra blue (electrical blue at midday). You go into in a little fishing boat and can swim in the brilliant blue water. Schedule your tickets here.

  • Chairlift up Mount Solaro

The Mount Solaro chairlift is a couple of minutes long however offers you sensational views of the ocean and rock developments. There’s likewise a coffee shop– the best espresso point.

7. Ibiza, Spain

Best Mediterranean Islands Ibiza Spain

Ibiza is a Mediterranean island with a celebration scene. It is a historical addition to the Balearic islands with 16th-century walls, yet it is much better understood for electronic dance music. Ibiza is among the very best islands for a celebration vacation. And when you are recuperating from a night out, it has a lot of gorgeous beaches and attractive farming locations to check out with wild herbs and citrus groves.

Things To Do in Ibiza

The clubs in Ibiza are unparalleled. Some, like Pacha, have actually been open given that 1973 and are renowned in their own right.

Even the most significant celebration vacation has space for a bit of history. This hill landmark is a middle ages stronghold and is well worth a check out.

8. Hvar, Croatia

Best Mediterranean Islands Hvar Croatia

Hvar is the very best celebration island in Croatia. The island grows on all things party-style. By day, you can delight in beach celebrations, boat journeys, and water sports. By night, the clubs whir into complete action. Off the coast of Split, it is quickly contributed to a vacation on the mainland. It wiggled onto our list due to the fact that of its transmittable sense of night life and perfect place.

Things To Do in Hvar

It goes without stating that you need to celebration in Hvar. There are a lot of alternatives, from beach bars to boat journeys and clubs.

  • Candlelight supper in Humac

Humac is a deserted stone hamlet. It runs a delightfully climatic candlelit supper experience at night in a conventional setting.

9. Cyprus

Best Mediterranean Islands Cyprus
rocky coast in the

Cyprus is the 3rd biggest island in the Mediterranean. Formally a republic in its own right, the attractive island has plenty of beautiful beaches and lively night life. Whether you remain on the north coast or the south, you’ll experience Greek or Turkish culture. Many visitors pick among the other as a difficult border remains in the middle of the island. However you might constantly integrate the 2 if you have time.

We like the cultural element of Cyprus and likewise its size. There are numerous factors to go to And its red hot weather condition and celebration culture are simply cherries on top.

Things To Do in Cyprus

  • Archeological Website of Nea Paphos

These sensational Roman ruins include burial places, mosaics, and a fortress.

Ayia Napa is celebration main in Cyprus. There are lots of substantial clubs with unique entryway offers.

10. Zakynthos, Greece

Best Mediterranean Islands Zakynthos Greece

Zakynthos (aka Zante) is among Greece’s most popular islands The island is revered by partiers and those desiring a timeless Greek island escape. When you aren’t partying, there is the remarkable Shipwreck Beach to find, plus white sand beaches and child turtles. It encapsulates all the advantages of a dazzling Mediterranean island. Its large range of activities is what impressed us. Find out more about Zakynthos here

Things To Do in Zakynthos

Shipwreck Beach is the renowned photo of the rusted shipwreck at the bottom of a limestone cliff. The great sand beach is just available by cruise and has typically brilliant blue waters contrasting the white cliffs.

Who does not wish to come in person with a sea turtle? Zante is the best area to snorkel with sea turtles or volunteer with child turtles if you have time.

11. Rhodes, Greece

Best Mediterranean Islands Rhodes

Rhodes is the biggest of the Dodecanese– the Greek islands off the coast of Turkey. This Mediterranean island is loaded with history and is paradise for anybody wishing to leap in between ancient ruins in between beach days. In truth, its history is what captured our eye (and UNESCO’s given that its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Website). Rhodes likewise has a remarkable history of profession, and the Ottomans and Italians have actually put their stamp on its cultural makeup.

Things To Do in Rhodes

The imposing columns of Lindos Castle competitor that of even Athens’ Castle. Reaching the ancient scene is a long walk up a high cliff.

  • Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

This palace was rebuilded in 1940 and is a stunning landmark that talks to Rhodes’ middle ages and ancient heritage.

12. Elba, Italy

Best Mediterranean Islands Elba Italy

Elba is a Mediterranean island off of Tuscany. It supplies an azure window into surviving on the Tuscan coast. Elba was Napoleon’s location of exile in between 1814-15. In spite of being a historic location, Elba is a peaceful location to welcome natural charm. Its beautiful beaches are dreamy and embeded in the Tuscan Island Chain National Forest– which won us over.

Things To Do in Elba

This historic landmark go back to the 13th century and is a sensational location for views over the Mediterranean island.

This rental property was owned by Napoleon Bonaparte, a guaranteed specialty. Come by to experience the rest of living history.

13. Gozo, Malta

Best Mediterranean Islands Gozo Malta

Gozo is a Maltese island and among the least checked out islands in the Mediterranean. This Mediterranean island is laidback and filled with fishing towns and serene beaches. Some individuals advise costs as low as half a day here. However you’ll rapidly delight in a week or more if you desire someplace to truly disconnect. We have actually advised it due to the fact that it is so serene and perfect for those requiring a break.

Things To Do in Gozo

Diving in a picturesque inland lagoon may be specific niche, however it is an enjoyable activity in Gozo. If you have a PADI, take a look at this dive website.

This heritage website includes 2 of the earliest free-standing structures on the planet. The limestone temples go back to the Neolithic period and are extremely unspoiled.

14. Milos, Greece

Best Islands on the Mediterranean Sea Milos Greece

Milos is another Mediterranean island with large white cliffs. Other than it likewise has moonlike landscapes- which is why we have actually included it to this guide. The volcanic island is located off the east coast of Greece and has striking geographical functions. It has actually likewise developed a remarkable credibility as a celebration area, considering it is among Greece’s lesser-known islands.

Things To Do in Milos

Sarakiniko is Milos’ lunar beach. The beach is covered in limestone rock, and it’s extensively compared to strolling on the moon.

  • Boat journey to the sea caverns

Milos’ sea caverns are sensational. The white limestone caverns are just available by boat and contrast perfectly with the blue waters.

15. Folegandros, Greece

Best Mediterranean Islands Folegandros Greece

Folegandros is a small Greek island. Forget the crowds and significant traveler destinations. This Mediterranean island is someplace to relax. The mini ‘capital’ (photo a village) has plenty of white-washed structures. It sticks perfectly to the blue waters of the shoreline. With some middle ages history to examine, Folegandros is a Mediterranean island for your pail list. It may be little, however it loads a punch, which impressed us.

Things To Do in Folegandros

This church lies on a dry mountaintop with a renowned zigzagging white stairs to the top. It is a picturesque trip to make, particularly at daybreak or sundown.

Livadi Beach is a small pebbled cove that matches Folegandros’ mini visual. It has a small-world sensation and an outstanding area to sit with a book or paddle.

16. Lefkada, Greece

Best Mediterranean Islands Lefkada Greece

Lefkada is a stunning Mediterranean island in the Ionian Sea. Technically, it is linked to the Greek mainland, however just by a manmade causeway. So for the sake of this guide (and Lefkada’s remarkable cliffs and blue waters), we needed to include it. It is available from mainland Greece and is among the most quite Greek islands. The limestone cliffs resemble Zante’s Shipwreck Beach– simply minus the crowds.

Things To Do in Lefkada

This beach is backed by towering limestone cliffs and brilliant blue waters. It is among the finest blue water beaches in Greece and is absolutely photo-worthy.

Lefkada has plenty of culture and peaceful towns. The Faneromeni Abbey is simply one example of this. It is located scenically on the side of a mountain with elaborate home furnishings and sensational views.

17. Djerba, Tunisia

Best Mediterranean Islands Djerba Tunesia

Djerba is growing with natural charm and a remarkable desert landscape. The island is off the north coast of Tunisia and has a lot of impacts from North Africa. Djerba has gorgeous beaches and is the southernmost island in our guide. We were impressed by its lesser-visited place and the mix of Berber, Arab, African, and Jewish cultures. Djerba is a genuine cultural hotspot with destinations like fishing ports and handicraft markets.

Things To Do in Djerba

  • Horseback riding throughout dune

Horseback riding is a thrilling activity in Djerba. Need to you have nerves of steel, it is among the very best methods to value this Mediterranean island. The long stretch of desert and dune is dream deserving for galloping. And the desert landscape is a distinct break from watersports and blue waters.

Guellala Museum has plenty of historic pottery display screens and art exhibits. However it has another draw, too– its observation tower at sundown. It is a dazzling location for culture and an outstanding perspective to end up.

18. Naxos, Greece

Best Islands in the Mediterranean Naxos Greece

Naxos might be the biggest of the Cyclades islands in the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, size does not associate with appeal here; Naxos isn’t the most popular of the Greek islands. We have no concept why due to the fact that it is sensational. It’s blue-green bays and golden sand do make it a desired beach location for those in the understand. And its capital, Chora, is an attractive historical base filled with renowned white cube-shaped homes. For us, the beaches and laidback ambiance are significant selling points.

Things To Do in Naxos

Naxos has a stunning Old Town with homes looking like small sugar cubes. The white-washed structures are quite to stroll in between, and there are a lot of al fresco coffee bar with seating to individuals view.

Kite browsing is a random addition. Nevertheless, kite browsing is among the very best things to do in Naxos. Laguna and Mikri Vigla have the very best kite browsing beaches.

Why Should You Go to The Islands of the Mediterranean?

Beautiful Islands in the Mediterranean Sea

Whether you pick a Spanish island or a Greek island, the biggest island or tiniest island, the Mediterranean will be a magnificent vacation location. Each island has its own unique character. The Mediterranean islands are a complete spectrum of various vacation types and experiences. Ideally, you have actually now got a couple in mind.

Searching for more motivation about the Mediterranean islands and area? Have a look at our guide on the finest Mediterranean meals to attempt when you go to And if Hvar especially captured your eye, Croatia has a lot of other gorgeous islands to see close by. Otherwise, have a terrific time on your beautiful island of option.

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