DeSantis’s Florida Is a Dump, States President Trump

He’s a Brand-new Yorker by birth and branding, however President Trump formally transferred to Florida in 2019, a choice that made monetary sense. Manhattan locals now deal with a leading earnings tax of 14.8%, plus a leading estate tax of 16%. Florida has neither. However as the 2024 primaries near, Mr. Trump has actually unexpectedly chosen it remains in his interest to declare that Florida is truly a high-tax hellhole.

Mr. Trump understands that Gov. Ron DeSantis might be a powerful competitor, and Mr. Trump will obviously state anything to trash him. On Friday Mr. Trump provided a declaration on “The Genuine Ron DeSantis Playbook,” which begins with a quote from representative Steven Cheung: “The genuine DeSantis record is among suffering and anguish. He has actually left a wake of damage all throughout Florida.” Which is no doubt why the Guv was re-elected in 2015 with 59.4% of the vote.


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