Spring Walk: A Stroll Through Brooklyn’s Windsor Balcony

In the little community of Windsor Balcony in South Brooklyn, spring is a really quite thing. Flanked by the green stretches (and landmarks) of Possibility Park to the north and the undulating hills of historical Green-Wood Cemetery to the south, the peaceful community has some contextual benefits, in regards to verdure. A grab-bag of architectural designs embellishes the tree-lined streets, from limestone Beaux Arts to columned Greek Revival, and wood frame to concrete, however Windsor Balcony appears most connected with the brick row homes whose decks and modest front gardens overflow onto pathways, including layers of botanical attract the streetscape. Studio apartment structures have their own tended gardens, and above everything, the moulded cornices of older structures, framed by foliage and blooms, make searching for a requirement.

Let’s opt for a mid-spring walk.

Photography by Marie Viljoen

Above: Dark tulips lean towards the sun under leafing-out trees.
Above: The bells of Solomon’s seal are displayed versus layers of spring green.
Above: Even tree beds are packed with lily-of-the-valley, whose ephemeral aroma lasts a week, and is gone.
Above: Epimedium planted behind a maintaining wall is at uncommon eye-level, for close gratitude.

Above: Hellebores and the brand-new leaves of Virginia climber make a delighted color-pact, with Phlox subulata and wrought iron.
Above: A stoop planter with violas and Heuchera have a frank discussion with the red door.
Above: Lilac presents a blue-green entry-way.
Above: Azaleas end up being regal with a Doric columned background.

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