The Brass Adds: A Convenient Razor Holder from Mark Lewis

Welcome to our brand-new column, The Basic facts, in which we highlight the smallest however mightiest information in your home: attractive hardware, hinges, and components.

Keep in mind the little slots in the back of mirrored restroom cabinets? Professionals installed them in years previous as small garbage chutes for utilized razor blades. Years later on, however, those doing restroom restorations opened the wall to expose an avalanche of utilized and rusty blades (see here). Similar to a lot of methods we people get rid of our fragments, it’s the example of fast however not sustainable or sensical.

A far better service? A made-to-last razor and a helpful area to keep it (and getting rid of the blades correctly, i.e. in a sharps collection container, not in the wall).

among many other attractive bits and pieces of hardware, designer mark lewis of 9
Above: Amongst lots of other appealing bits and pieces of hardware, designer Mark Lewis provides a cool Razor Rest in his online store It’s “hand-cast with care in a British foundry,” according to the store.

according to the shop: “for those with an eye for detail, our solid 10
Above: According to the store: “For those with an eye for information, our strong bronze Razor Rest is a classy method to guarantee your razor is close to hand each early morning.” The holder can be attached in the shower, by the bath, or near the vanity.

“sand cast products are always individual. please expect variations 11
Above: “Sand-cast items are constantly private. Please anticipate variations in patina and surface in between items.” The Razor Rest is ₤ 28.50 from Mark Lewis.

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