Frail or Strong, Biden Keeps Stumbling

President Biden’s check out to Ireland was individual, offered his Irish roots, and presidents are permitted such journeys. The adventure marked the 25th anniversary of the historical 1998 Excellent Friday Arrangement to end sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. This supplied the reason for the president to go sightseeing in his household homeland. However the see likewise poignantly highlighted Mr. Biden’s primary political vulnerability if he runs for a 2nd term.

It was a sentimental 4 days. Believe “National Lampoon’s Holiday,” just in a rainy, emerald-green setting with Mr. Biden playing a much older Chevy Chase, traipsing with sis and kid through bars and castles, seeing Newry Harbor, where his forefathers left scarcity for America, conference with cousins close and far-off, even chancing throughout the priest who administered last rites to his kid Beau.


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