7 Reasons to Be Thankful for S/4HANA

SAP HANA provides a platform for all business processes and greatly increases efficiency while addressing new challenges that companies face in today’s global marketplace. As the most popular S/4HANA continues to expand into areas previously known only by the largest and most successful companies, HANA is setting new performance standards. This article discusses how HANA can help your company meet those goals.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be thankful for S/4HANA:

Performance with Enhanced Analytics

SAP HANA is a database and analytics platform that allows you to analyze large amounts of data in real time. When paired with SAP SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud), HANA’s capabilities are further enhanced. This combination allows you to stream and analyze data as it is generated, enabling you to identify and respond to events in a timely manner. This can be particularly useful for businesses that need to make fast decisions based on current data, such as those in the financial or retail industries.

Supports Real-Time Data Mining

Furthermore, SAP HANA also supports real-time data mining. This advanced feature allows users to take advantage of the information they get from their databases to provide information relevant to a particular business concern.

Enables Richer Data & Execution

The next area in which HANA provides excellent business process support is by enabling richer data and more dynamic queries and execution. In the past, when it came to running business processes on the mainframe, the data needed would have to be compiled, stored, and analyzed on the mainframe itself. Users can use SAP HANA to directly query the on-premise SAP server and access a large amount of data stored there. This data can then be analyzed in real time using HANA’s in-memory computing capabilities. This allows users to retrieve the information they need and perform various analytics tasks, such as data modeling, data visualization, and predictive analytics. This provides for greater control over the operational processes involved and better support for the business processes themselves – and this leads to higher performance and increased productivity. 

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Offers Better Integration with Access Platforms

SAP HANA also enables integration with other data warehouses and data access platforms, greatly improving the ERP system’s usability. These other platforms typically use different data structures and data transformations, and in most cases, these systems are more difficult to convert to an ERP system. HANA offers support for all of these types of databases and data structures, greatly simplifying integrating these components into an ERP system.

Contributes to Maintenance & Improvement of the System

Besides, the HANA website is already a highly evolved tool, with an active and engaged user community that contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the system. This means that users do not need to learn other toolkits or software packages to integrate their HANA experience with their other systems.

Offers Incomparable Strategic Intelligence

The next area in which the most popular SAP S/4HANA excels beyond its competitors is in the area of strategic intelligence. Creating business case assumptions and intelligent scenarios gives companies greater opportunities to reduce costs and reap enhanced competitive benefits. In previous versions of ERP software, users were forced to create these scenarios themselves by hand, relying on the ERP system’s inherent power to translate the statistical metrics associated with specific business cases into more specific actionable information. Now, by leveraging HANA’s insights and analytical power, users can more easily create their business case assumptions and intelligence and train their associates in how to conduct such analysis themselves. This allows companies to leverage their ERP system in previously impossible ways.

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Accesses in-Memory Data Perfectly

Another area in which HANA has been found useful by businesses is real-time data management. Since ERP systems rely heavily on accessing in-memory data on a routine basis to operate effectively, a significant amount of memory must be dedicated to this data storage, making it impractical for certain applications to run on smaller systems. HANA’s ability to provide real-time data access makes it possible for in-memory computing applications to run on larger servers and utilize HANA’s processor’s full capacity. HANA’s capabilities can be fully utilized when it is used to implement predictive procedures and analytic functions on the back end of the ERP. This provides even more benefits to companies that want to reduce capital expenses and increase efficiency. With HANA, companies can analyze large amounts of data in real time and use this data to make informed decisions that can help improve their operations.

Final Words

Overall, SAP HANA is proving to be the technology platform of choice for companies seeking to capitalize on the most popular SAP S/4HANA benefits. This technology represents an industry-changing performance and unmatched speed. It will enable organizations to leverage their in-memory database technology for unmatched speed, real-time analytics, superior concurrency, and easy access to terabytes of data. Organizations that can transition from legacy architectures to the in-memory architecture of SAP HANA will find these new levels of performance and capabilities to be a welcome change for their businesses.


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