From Weekend Flying to Flying Drones for Amazon

On today’s show, we have Drone U student, Kevin Lederer who shares with us his exact success formula using which he landed his dream drone job with Amazon.

Some years back, Kevin was sitting where you are right now – flying drones on the weekend, and doing a full-time job that he did not exactly love. He did not have the skills or any prior business background , or anything related to this current success. However, he did have the creativity, and the drive, and the will to make something happen.

Kevin started taking small gigs while working his full-time job. He started off by flying drones for real estate, and over time, he moved to complex, more lucrative jobs. And eventually he landed his dream job with Amazon. 

On today’s show, you will get some a roadmap to owning a successful drone business. Topics discussed include pricing and scaling strategies, the importance of building a network, and how to pitch your drone services to construction industries. Do not miss this one!

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  • [02:00] Kevin’s background information
  • [08:49] From hobby flying to owning a commercial drone business – how did Kevin make the transition? 
  • [12:08] Flying drones for residential and commercial real estate  
  • [14:08] If you are an aspiring or inexperienced drone pilot, Kevin has some great information to help you out
  • [16:35] Drones in construction – Using drones for prepping construction progression projects and ensuring site safety
  • [17:27] Kevin’s big WIN – learn how he landed the Amazon contract
  • [24:36] Why building relationships is crucial to running a stable, successful drone business
  • [33:36] How to manage a full-time job and scale your drone business on the side – Kevin shares his own experience 
  • [37:03] Building an in-house drone team vs. hiring DSP’s – what is the best option for construction companies?
  • [44:51] How to avoid underpricing your services, and get paid what you rightly deserve  
  • [54:45] How to build and leverage a remote workforce to grow and scale your drone business 
  • [59:23] Some parting wisdom from Kevin

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