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Even though it is in its nascency, ChatGPT has prompted several people who have used the platform to claim that OpenAI’s AI chatbot is bound to spell doom for Google, and its domination of search engines, if Google does nothing about it. 

Microsoft is working to add ChatGPT-like qualities to Bing to take on Google Search

People who have used ChatGPT mostly claim that the AI bot should be a big concern for search engines like Google. Microsoft was one of the earlier backers of ChatGPt and is planning to add a few ChatGPT features to Bing.

Several reports have surfaced online that the team in charge of Google’s search division is panicking right now and is at “code red” over the technology. Microsoft on the other hand is seeing this as the perfect opportunity to finish Google’s reign over the search engines’ market.

Microsoft, according to people familiar with the matter, is planning to launch a version of its Bing search engine that uses the same artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT to answer some search queries.

As per a report by The Information, when Microsoft had invested a significant amount of money in OpenAI, the developers of ChatGPT had conditioned the investment that Microsoft would be allowed to incorporate some aspects of ChatGPT into Bing, when the system is ready to go.

An older version of GPT is used for automatic search query suggestions as you type. Microsoft already announced plans for integrating Dall-E 2 into Bing Image Creator where you can issue a descriptive text prompt and AI artwork is generated.

Using AI bots to answer questions may be a double-edged sword, but for the time being it is enabling a lot of things. For example, AI-backed answers that are presented in the form of a sentence and are conversational in nature are much easier to comprehend, follow and keep up with.

In fact it would be much better than the tiny snippets that Google uses to answer some of the questions it is asked. Instead of quoting a different page altogether, or sharing a list of links that may or may not have your answer. 

However, “Bing will still rely on its own technology to produce most search results” as GPT isn’t meant to “continuously scrape the web or provide real-time information like a search engine does.” Meanwhile, it remains to be seen how Bing will ensure the accuracy of answers.

Moreover, Bing might be the perfect home for ChatGPT. OpenAI plans to eventually charge users for their services like ChatGPT, which is actually expensive to run.  As of now, Microsoft has been essentially “footing the startup’s cloud bill,” but that soon is set to change 

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