ADU 01226: How to Maintain Your Drone Batteries and Keep Them in Ready-to-Fly Condition

Today’s show is about drone battery maintenance. What are some best practices for using your drone batteries and prolonging life?

Our caller for today, Todd works in a fire department and manages a large fleet of drones. Todd’s question is about drone battery maintenance.

Owing to the nature of his job, Todd needs to make sure that he can fly at a moment’s notice. How can he ensure that all his drone batteries are sufficiently charged and ready to use? Moreover, what are some best practices to prolong the drone battery life?

Some of the topics discussed today include deep cycling charging, the importance of periodic charging, and a Friday Flyday.

Tune in now!

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  • [01:57] How can Drone U help you fly drones for public safety? Learn all about Drone U’s newest course, LEO
  • [04:50] Today’s question on drone battery maintenance
  • [06:18] Correctly setting the discharge rate and planning out a Friday Flyday
  • [08:42] Is it necessary to charge your drone batteries periodically?
  • [11:08] What is balanced charging? What is the benefit of deep-cycle charging? And how to best use rapid chargers for your drone batteries
  • [12:17] Some more expert tips to prolong your drone battery life


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