ADU 01289: How do I get mapping clients?

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Today’s show is about understanding the nuances of getting into drone mapping and the efforts required to be a successful drone pilot in the mapping world.

Our question for today is from Tim, who has strong exposure and a background in the real estate photography world and has carried out multiple real estate drone jobs but is looking to transition to drone mapping. Tim would like to know what it takes to be successful in drone mapping, the learnings involved and if drone mapping offers the return on investment.

Thanks for the question, Tim. We start off today’s show by talking about getting into drone mapping and what knowledge is required for pilots to get started into drone mapping.

We discuss about how drone pilots can develop the right mindset to getting into drone mapping and how this helps in taking up drone mapping jobs. We then get into a step by step approach into getting started into drone mapping and Paul delves into technical aspects of drone mapping that are essential for success in mapping.

Today’s show is packed with relevant details to assist someone trying to get started into drone mapping but is not sure if the time and effort is worth it and how they need to go about the process of getting into the mapping world.

Tune in today If you are keen to get started in mapping or need to understand all aspects of the mapping world !!

Tune In to detail and data packed podcast to grab mapping opportunities in the Drone Industry today!!

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[00:47] 5 New upcoming Drone U courses
[01:36] Today’s show is about mapping services and maintaining the fine balance in providing mapping services
[02:31] Paul discusses about the nuances of mapping including barriers to entry, quality of services and learning involved

[06:10] Today’s question is on transitioning from real estate photography to mapping services
[09:42] Applying a mindset change to getting into the drone mapping world
[11:30] A step by step approach to getting into mapping services and understanding the nuances of drone mapping
[17:46] Three things that pilots who want to get into mapping, need to keep in mind
[20:44] How much and what all does Drone U’s mapping courses cover for pilots getting into mapping?

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