ADU 01282: Best georeferencing system for your money and how to get started?

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Today’s show is regarding effective mapping and how pilots can scale their knowledge in planning and executing mapping missions. Our question for today is from Brandon, who would like to know if Drone U’s mapping classes cover GCP acquisition and what are some of the georefencing systems that pilots can use.

Thank you for the question Brandon. We start our show with a brief overview of Drone U’s mapping classes and the curriculum that we cover. We then address Brandon’s second part of today’s question on using Aeropoints and the advantages in using aeropoints. We also discuss upcoming additions to our in-person mapping classes and what we cover in our mapping classes including details of format, topics and the knowledge and benefits that can be acquired through the classes.

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[01:40] Today’s question on training for acquiring GCPs in Drone U’s mapping classes and recommendations on mapping software
[04:20] Paul explains going over the acquiring details in Drone U’s mapping class
[05:08] Using aeropoints and the benefits associated therein
[06:14] New additions to Drone U’s mapping class content – Aeropoints and other details on acquisition and advantages
[12:10] What do we cover in the in-person mapping classes?

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