Why Drinking Hurts Females In Property More Than You May Believe

It’s clear that realty representatives consume. Turn to TikTok, Instagram, or perhaps material within our own market, and you’ll discover myriad representations of realty representatives drinking, generally illustrated as some type of an intoxicated Real estate agent Karen.

Drinking is frequently baked into gatherings, broker opens, open homes, networking occasions, award events and conferences since occasion organizers understand representatives will not come if there are no beverages.

Regrettably, while we discuss– and do a great deal of– drinking in realty, we do not talk adequate about the threats of alcohol, particularly for ladies, who in addition to needing to fret about somebody slipping something in their beverage, now need to fret about health issues that their male associates are less most likely to sustain.

Brand-new research study from the National Library of Medication reveals that American ladies are consuming more than ever. Even percentages of drinking cause permanent damage to ladies, consisting of greater dangers of cancer, strokes and liver illness when compared to guys’s usage of alcohol.

One female who is discussing the issue is Glennda Baker— a top-producing representative, social networks influencer and co-host of the Shine and Gay podcast. Baker has actually freely shared her individual story of dependency and picking sobriety on social networks.

As we start a brand-new year and hence a “ Dry January” for lots of, Inman took a seat with Baker to hear her ideas on the research study, the market and her individual journey.

Getting genuine with Glennda Baker

In November 2023, Baker published on her social channels about slipping out of sobriety after 8 years. Baker is popular for her sweet and smart technique to offering realty, and her branding is everything about leaning into your most genuine self.

We connected to her to ask if she wanted to share more of her ideas about how drinking effects ladies in our market, and she happily concurred.

Here is a few of our discussion, modified for clearness and design:

What type of action have you gotten from your audience about your social networks post discussing your sobriety has a hard time?

Baker: Lots of people informed me I ought to remove my post. That individuals didn’t wish to see that. That the post made me look less than professional.

I published my very first story about my drinking on Nov. 29, 2016. Ever since, I have actually had numerous realty representatives text me, call me, DM me, stop me at occasions and state, “You’re the factor I stopped drinking. Your story influenced me. I understand I have an issue.”

I would enjoy to see more people (ladies realty representatives) not just supporting each other as ladies however supporting each other to be healthier in realty.

Why do you believe ladies consume?

Baker: So ladies consume for really various factors than me n which is to cope, to be comfy, and to be cool. Which is why we wish to suit; we wish to become part of the group. And you understand, consuming alleviates; you’re not simply offering realty. The majority of the time, as a female, you have actually usually got a household in the house or kids in the house; you are most likely running the home.

You’re absolutely ensuring everyone’s getting where they’re expected to be when they’re expected to be there. And to be all those things to all of these individuals: your purchasers, sellers, partner, and kids. It’s a lot, and you constantly seem like you’re failing.

To manage that, ladies state, “I’m going to have a glass of red wine in the evening,” and one glass becomes one bottle, into 2 bottles, and one night can quickly become every night.

Have you ever felt forced to consume or uneasy at representative occasions since of the culture of social drinking that is pressed in our market?

Baker: Yes. E really networking occasion is at mixed drink hour. Every broker’s open appears to be Muffins and Mimosa or Champagne Breakfast Broker’s Opens. Whatever is really alcohol-themed. Our group even went through an age where we did cupcake and champagne open homes.

There is this underlying existing at every occasion that you go to every market occasion there. I have yet to see any mocktail realty occasions at bigger locations.

There’s a great deal of peer pressure. I seem like often individuals get personally upset if you do not take part. They presume you’re no enjoyable. When you attempt to discuss it (why you do not consume), it refuses this entire bunny hole. You should not need to discuss it. It ought to be: “No, I’m not. I’m not taking part in that.” You should not need to safeguard yourself or discuss yourself at all.

The important things that blows my mind is, the number of representatives have worked out an agreement intoxicated? The number of times have you revealed a home buzzed? How frequently have you been to a broker open and had 2, 3, 4 glasses of champagne or red wine?

The research study programs 5 percent of representatives have an issue. I would inform you that out of the countless individuals that I have actually consulted with, individuals are having a hard time.

Q: How can we assist support individuals with sobriety, particularly when it’s challenging for everybody to be comfy discussing it?

Baker: I have a podcast, Shine and Gay, that I co-host with Tyler Whitman, who is likewise sober.

Tyler and I both discuss a lot, being there for individuals to hear their story, not having judgment. And, and likewise, making it cool to be sober.

Something that’s actually essential to me is [being] sober-curious … So for Tyler and I, we have actually both been really open up to individuals calling us and DMing us and texting with us, and pointing them in the best instructions for any place they fall, whether it’s a way of life choice or whether it’s really some sort of dependency or some issue like that.

How do you understand if you might have an issue with drinking?

Baker: If you believe you have an issue, you most likely have an issue. I believe that lots of realty representatives and ladies, in basic, believe that they can repair it, like they believe they can repair everyone else. For that reason, they believe they can repair themselves.

I would state, if you believe that you have an issue, you most likely do … Do not be shamed into silence. I seem like that is the crucial to getting aid. Females have a lot pressure (on social networks) for their posts to be ideal– and it’s not truth.

We require to produce the message that you should not be stuck in this issue alone, where you can’t obtain assist, and where you hesitate to connect for aid.

And now, the research study

Just like any research studies, please bear in mind that these research studies are samples of populations.

Here are the current statistics:

  • Females are drinking 84 percent more than they were ten years back.
  • The National Institute of Alcoholic Abuse and Alcohol Addiction has actually shared brand-new research studies that show ladies who take in about one beverage daily have a 5 percent to 9 percent greater possibility of establishing breast cancer than ladies who do not consume at all. That danger increases for each extra beverage they have daily.
  • Compared to ladies who do not consume at all, ladies who have 3 alcohols weekly have a 15 percent greater danger of breast cancer. Professionals approximate that the danger of breast cancer increases another 10 percent for each extra beverage ladies routinely have every day.
  • Females consume to manage tension, not always to commemorate
  • The American Psychological Association surveyed ladies and discovered that this is among the most demanding times to be a female in history, pointing out increased household duties, the pressure to be exceptional, and the pressure to advance in professions.
  • According to the Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, 5 percent of realty representatives have a major drinking issue.
  • Females are most likely to have their beverages increased Consume increasing can be connected to criminal offenses such as s ex ual attack and burglary. In these circumstances, the culprit might surge somebody’s beverage to reduce their defenses and make it much easier to devote a criminal activity versus them. Quotes recommend that one-third of drink-spiking events are related to sexual attacks.
  • Just Recently, The New York City Times reported 5 ladies from eXp who declared that the out-of-control drinking culture at gatherings made them susceptible to 2 male predator representatives, and the franchise at big disregarded their problems.
  • Realty has regularly been ranked as one of the most demanding occupations in our nation, and Alcohol.org reports that those operating in the market (representatives, insurance coverage and financing) stay within the leading 10 occupations that have considerable alcoholic abuse propensities.

How society chuckles it off

The Alcohol Resource Guide states that popular culture has glorified alcohol usage which has actually caused a boost in really harmful drinking routines.

Due to the fact that most of society states it’s the most socially accepted method to handle tension, it’s a routine trope to see a middle-aged female tired, sassy, and with a glass of red wine. Hollywood and traditional culture have actually quickly produced the character of the intoxicated “Karen.”

As Baker kept in mind, when attempting to suit social standards, handling a family, and running a company where every occasion provides alcohol, and occasions belong to the gig, it is difficult to state no to a glass of anything to alleviate of a difficult day.

This trope is damaging to ladies and their professions. Regrettably, the increase of the appeal of meme accounts that produce material to captivate representatives has actually likewise produced a large bank of material that reveals customers simply how less than professional representatives in our market can get.

Publishing outrageous material about how stressed out you are and just how much you require to consume to manage your task isn’t a contest you wish to win.

” I’m upset by it, not just since I’m a property representative, however I believe you can discover a great deal of comical relief about ladies of a specific age in traditional culture, whether it’s a property representative or not. Nevertheless, really frequently, it’s Karen, the intoxicated realty representative. What makes my head spin around is when another realty representative develops the personality. If you are a representative, what’s the function of that? Why pet your own market?”— Glennda Baker


Being a female in a difficult occupation implies you need to promote on your own every day, and it’s tiring. Now is the ideal time to produce an area for ladies to easily go over drinking routines without judgment.

Let’s kick the trope of intoxicated Real estate agent Karen to the curb in 2024 and focus on minimizing tension in our lives. You do not need to do it all, and it’s time to select much better coping approaches. You should not need to consume to manage the tension in your life. Let’s discuss genuine options rather of putting our hearts out rather.

Rachael Hite is a previous representative, a company advancement expert, reasonable real estate supporter, copy editor, and is presently refining her long video game offering homes in a retirement home in Northern Virginia. You can get in touch with her about life, marketing, and company on Instagram

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