Enhancing success: The important function of order management

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by Marco Gomes, Item Supervisor & & Service Designer at Celfocus

In the vibrant and fast-moving field of telecoms, effective order management is important for consumer fulfillment and functional quality. With Celfocus Order Management– an advanced service in this domain– Celfocus just recently made headings for its cooperation with OneWeb, an international interactions business. This collaboration, which amassed the prominent “ The Satellite Telecoms Award” at the World Interaction Awards, highlights the transformative capacity of innovative order management systems in getting rid of market obstacles and boosting consumer experiences.

Comprehending Celfocus Order Management

At its core, Celfocus Order Management is a cloud-hosted, microservices-driven platform created to improve and optimise the order-handling procedure in the telecom sector. Its catalogue-driven, configuration-over-coding method enables telecom operators to effectively change any consumer demand, whether associated to basic items or not, into significant and actionable jobs.

Difficulties Dealt With
  • Complex Order Procedures: The telecom sector typically deals with obstacles with complicated orders including varied services and products. With over 15 years of experience in the telecom sector, Celfocus streamlines this intricacy, effectively accommodating basic and non-standard demands.
  • Scalability and Versatility: The vibrant nature of telecom services needs scalable options. Celfocus’s microservices architecture allows quick scaling to fulfill altering service requirements.
  • Efficiency Optimisation: Speed and precision in order processing are crucial for consumer fulfillment. Celfocus boosts order processing speed, guaranteeing a smooth consumer experience.
  • Customisation Requirements: Each telecom operator has special requirements and service portfolios. The configurability of Celfocus Order Management permits customized options that fit particular service requirements without substantial coding.
  • Increased Functional Performance: Celfocus’s automated and optimised order procedures considerably lower the time and resources required to handle consumer demands.
  • Enhanced Consumer Fulfillment: Faster and more precise order processing causes boosted consumer experiences, improving fulfillment and commitment.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The cloud-based nature of the service uses expense savings through decreased facilities and upkeep costs.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Celfocus’s innovative analytics abilities allow telecom operators to acquire important insights, helping in tactical decision-making and service enhancement.
OneWeb as a Celfocus customer

OneWeb’s objective to supply worldwide web protection, specifically in remote locations, provides special obstacles in order management. As a customer of Celfocus, OneWeb take advantage of the structured handling of a large range of orders, from private customer connections to massive federal government agreements. This effectiveness is important in OneWeb’s enthusiastic objective of bridging the digital divide.

The Acclaimed Cooperation

The cooperation in between Celfocus and OneWeb, acknowledged by the ” The Satellite Telecoms Award”, showcases the synergy in between innovative order management systems and next-generation satellite interactions. This collaboration is a testimony to the power of innovation in getting rid of functional obstacles and boosting consumer experiences, leading the way for a more linked and effective future in telecoms.

Entries for the World Interaction Awards 2024 open in March. Take a look at in 2015’s winners here

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