Firefox for Android now supports over 450 add-ons

A couple of weeks earlier, Mozilla had actually revealed that it would quickly support Open Extensions on Firefox for Android. The bright side is that the waiting duration is over, the mobile web browser now supports over 450 add-ons.

While Firefox has actually supported extensions on Android gadgets for a long period of time, the experience has actually so far been rather underwhelming, since it just permitted you to select from amongst 2 lots add-ons. Generally, this was a curated experience of add-ons carefully picked by Mozilla. There was a workaround for the Nightly and Beta channel variations of Firefox, you might produce a custom-made add-on collection, which would enable you to set up any extension that you liked. However the actions were a bit complex, and likewise needed a Mozilla account, which numerous users might not be comfy with. Users had actually been asking for the web browser maker to open its community to support more extensions, which is precisely what it has actually done.

Open Extensions, as Mozilla terms them in its statement, have actually been offered in Firefox for Android Nightly and Beta channels for a while. Now, the extensions are offered in the steady variation of Firefox for Android.

In order to set up the extensions on your cellphone, upgrade Firefox for Android to the current variation from the Google Play Shop or get the APK for Firefox 120.1.1 from Mozilla’s servers

When you have actually upgraded the app, you can search the main Firefox for Android add-ons repository at this page

Firefox for Android extensions

Note: Tap on “see more trending extensions” to search the complete brochure of extensions.

Mozilla Firefox add-ons for android

It presently supports 491 extensions for mobile phones, and the list will likely grow bigger in the future. Get an advertisement blocker like uBlock Origin, Sponsorblock and you will have the ability to view videos on YouTube without being troubled by advertisements, or Google’s anti-ad block triggers. Wish to equate websites rapidly? You might discover Easy Translate beneficial. Here are some noteworthy add-ons that you can set up now: I still do not care about cookies, OneTab, Old Reddit Redirect, SteamDB, Group Speed Dial, and so on

You can inform whether an add-on will deal with the mobile web browser, if the extension’s page has a label that states “Offered on Firefox for Android”. One Reddit user pointed out that not all extensions that have actually been marked as offered for Firefox for Android, are in fact appearing on the mobile add-ons repository. They priced estimate Consent-O-Matic as an example, though it deserves keeping in mind that the add-on has actually not been upgraded because February.

Another user pointed out that you can in fact set up add-ons that are not yet marked as suitable with Android. In this case, you will require to go to an extension’s page, tap on the web browser’s menu and switch to the desktop page view. This will let you set up the extension on Firefox for Android. However, it is possible that such extensions might not work effectively since they were not developed for the mobile web browser, YMMV.

Including assistance for numerous extensions might persuade users to switch from other internet browsers to Firefox for Android. It’s an embarassment that Firefox on iOS will not get assistance add-ons, however you can thank Apple and its absurd walled-garden for that, since it requires web browser makers to make their app utilizing WebKit, rather of customized web browser engines such as Google Chromium’s Blink or Mozilla Firefox’s Gecko. This might alter in the future.

What are your preferred add-ons on Firefox for Android?


Firefox for Android now supports over 450 add-ons

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Firefox for Android now supports over 450 add-ons


Mozilla formally includes assistance for numerous extensions in Firefox for Android.




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