As 2023 Closes, Here’s the Delaware Lawsuits Elon Musk Still Requirements to Stress Over

Delaware unquestionably got one of the most Elon Musk-related promotion in 2022, with the Court of Chancery acting as the place for Twitter’s controversial fight with the billionaire over a damaged offer worth $44 billion. However while interest from the public faded when Musk and Twitter reached a contract which case was dismissed, Delaware continued to see lawsuits versus Musk in 2023, and cases including business, work and securities law are still in development heading towards 2024.

Tesla and Musk

More than a year after trial in Tornetta v. Musk, there’s still no Court of Chancery judgment on whether Tesla’s settlement prepare for Musk, valued at $56 billion, was reasonable to investors and correctly vetted by Tesla’s directors. The case, for which post-trial argument was kept in February, has actually now been open in Delaware for 5 and a half years.

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