Current rain seen assisting restore Byadagi chilli crop in Karnataka

(*) The current erratic rains in parts of North Karnataka are assisting restore the Byadagi chilli crop for the present season, traders stated. The geographical sign (GI) tagged Byadagi chilli is understood for its high color material and low pungency and discovers favor both in the domestic and abroad markets for both cooking function and oleoresin extraction.( *)” Current rains have actually assisted the Byadgi chilli crop in the black soil areas of North Karnataka” stated Basavaraj Hampali of Hampali Traders in Hubballi. The chilli crop is presently in the ripening state in some locations and is most likely to be gathered from mid-December onwards. The dried Byadagi chillies from the brand-new crop are set to strike the marketplaces from January onwards.( *) Though absence of prompt and insufficient rains had actually caused postponed transplant in parts of Dharwad, Haveri, Gadag, Bagalkot, Bellary and Raichur districts, farmers have actually handled to cover an extra location under the crop utilizing offered water resources from borewells and farm ponds as costs of the Byadgi chilli range have actually been appealing for many part of the last marketing season, nearly double than the previous season. Byadagi chilli costs had actually ruled in between 50,000-60,000 last season, nearly double from the previous year’s 25,000-Rs 30,000 per quintal, Hampali stated.( *)” The acreages are greater by about 30 percent this year and the crop looks excellent in numerous locations. Furthermore, this year the occurrence of black thrips has actually lowered even more with farmers handling the pest attack,” Hampali stated. Black thrips which had actually emerged about 2 years back had actually badly affected the chilli crop in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, while the occurrence of the pest invasion had actually lowered in 2015.( *) Tejraj Patil of R G Patil & & Co, a big trader in Byadgi stated the cropped location is higher this year by 30-35 percent as the acreages have actually broadened to more recent locations in parts of Bagalkot and surrounding area. “Up until now the crop looks excellent and another spell of rain over the next 10-15 days would lead to a bumper output,” he stated. Likewise, the trade and processing market is having a continue stocks of about 3.5 lakh bags of Byadagi chillies, Patil included.( *).
Larger output.
( *) Nagappa Kembi, a trader in Byadagi stated the crop is excellent and output is most likely to be greater than in 2015. The only issue now is it needs to not drizzle greatly moving forward, he stated. The Byadagi ranges are selling the variety of 40,000-60,000 per quintal, while the Guntur ranges are ruling in between 15,000-24,000.( *) While the trade sounds bullish on the Byadagi chilli crop potential customers, authorities at the University of Gardening Sciences, Bagalkot stated the crop condition does not look excellent in some rain fed locations due to bad rains. Likewise due to the black thrips invasion, the varieties of fruits in the chilli plants have actually lowered, they stated.( *) LG Hiregoudar of K H Patil Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Hulkoti, Gadag stated the crop does not look terrific due to absence of sufficient rain. Likewise there’s an occurrence of powdery mildew illness in some locations, which is a cause for issue, he stated.( *) SHARE.
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