5 Stylish New Bathrooms With a Low-Curb Shower

4. Conventional Treasure

Designer: Pamela Forman of PBF Houses
Area: Gloucester, Massachusetts
Size: 70 square feet (6.5 square meters); 7 by 10 feet

Property owners’ demand. “Our customer desired an upgraded, revitalized appearance while still preserving the stability of their historic house,” designer Pamela Forman states. “We arrived at a style that brought a freshness however stayed real to the conventional feel of the house.”

Low-curb shower information. Siberian Gray marble-look porcelain shower wall tiles and suppress dealing with. Glass mosaic shower flooring tiles. Frameless glass door. “The choice to opt for a low-curb shower had a lot to do with much better availability and showcasing the tilework and style of the restroom as an entire,” Forman states. “We wished to keep the area sensation open and airy. We didn’t opt for a curbless style, since of the prospective danger of damage to the hand-painted pinewood floorings.”

Other unique functions. ” All of the aspects utilized in this restroom were picked to stream together flawlessly and bring rejuvenated beauty to the area,” Forman states. “The Siberian Gray polished porcelain slabs on the shower walls speak with the existing marble stone in the vanity counter top. Colors from the marbling are brought to life by the colors selected for the wall, hand-painted pinewood floorings and matched with the peace in the trim, vanity and wainscoting. The completing touch with the polished nickel and glass hardware, pipes components and lighting pulled whatever together.”

Designer idea. “Extra storage in the main restroom was essential to the house owner, so we chose to move the shower out 20 inches from the wall to include a shelving column for simple access to storage baskets that hold regularly utilized products,” Forman states. “There are methods to reenvision the area that aren’t remarkable however can make a huge effect on the performance of an area.”

” Uh-oh” minute. ” Throughout the house there were lovely existing hand-painted pinewood floorings,” Forman states. “It’s not typical to have wood floor covering in a restroom, however the customer wished to stick to them to keep with the history of the house. We repainted the flooring however needed to be tactical in methods to secure the flooring from shower overflow, so we included a stone-inlaid ‘bath mat’ for the property owners to march onto from the shower to reduce water direct exposure.”

Vanity lights: Cristol in polished nickel and white glass, Visual Convenience; paint colors: Adagio (walls); Adagio, White Wisp and Pebble Beach (wood floor covering); White Wisp (trim, wainscoting, vanity and built-ins), Benjamin Moore

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