Your Insurance Coverage: Independent Insurance Coverage Agents

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In a competitive insurance coverage landscape that continuously bombards customers with marketing advertisements (believe Progressive’s Flo or the Geico Lizard commercials), you have 3 primary insurance coverage purchasing channels to select from. The 3 channels of insurance coverage acquisition are independent representatives, captive representatives, and direct representatives. While each has its benefits, this post will highlight why Independent Agents stick out as the favored option for numerous critical customers.

Captive Representatives

  • Work specifically for a single insurer such as State Farm.
  • Do not have extra business options in the market.
  • If the business they represent raises rates, they might have restricted alternatives to provide their clients.

Direct Representatives

  • Direct representatives represent a particular insurance company and are typically workers of that insurer such as Geico.
  • Typically run through call centers or online platforms.
  • The majority of customers would require to call a 1-800 number for policy concerns or assistance and would get a various individual each time.

Independent Insurance Coverage Agents

Self-reliance is the crucial quality that sets independent representatives apart.

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