Inside The Luxurious World Of High-end Realty And High-Net-Worth Customers

New Inman Gain Access To classes are now streaming. Today’s included video clarify the world of the ultra-wealthy and what they try to find in property.

Discover the interesting world of high-end property and the way of lives of the ultra-wealthy with David Friedman, co-founder of WealthQuotient, in this week’s Inman Gain access to class. Through this class, you’ll get important insights into the world of high-net-worth property, comprehending what these people are looking for and how it is affecting the market.

Friedman provides numerous essential takeaways that highlight the value of recommendations and constructing trust with these customers in different methods. Furthermore, he looks into existing patterns like peaceful high-end and the focus on personal privacy that are progressively popular amongst the ultra-wealthy.

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